the one that always forgets but never forgets..

Saturday, March 27, 2010
no matter wat..
u'll never forget me..

remember the first time?
we were so shy that we didn't even talk to each other..
but at night..
we'll chat on the computer non-stop..
a few days later..
our friendship debut..

i'm always happy to see you..
whenever u fight with ur boyfriend..
i'll always help u with it..
no matter wat..
i'll always be by your side..

whenever u ask me out..
i'll always say yes..
but the problem is..
u always forget to..
but nvm..
i always find a way to see you..

being far away from u..
its really hard..
no one to talk to..
no one to tell my secrets to..
sometime i regret changing skul..
but still..
knowing that u miss me to..
makes me feel better..

you are my best friend..
that will never change..
i love you..

for you..

a picture with you

something that i wish to have..
the long 3 years i spent with you..
not a single snap of a camera was heard..
u being camera shy and always evading a camera being point at u..
leaves me without a single moment able to be capture..
not a single memory was capture..
all i have is the one in my head..
but day by day..
that picture is fading..

its not hard..
just stand next to me..
count it down..
say cheese..

10 years from now..
i still wan to remember you..
i still wan u to remember me..

i dun wan to turn to dust in your head...
i wan u to at least remember my face..
please do..
for you..

your annoying but thats why i like you..

Friday, March 26, 2010
i found you not too long ago..
but now i already have to leave you..
i wish i could stay..
but i can't..

having a friend like you..
can be very hard..
ur nuisance is sometimes unbearable..
but thats why i like you..

everytime u annoy me..
i know that i have a friend that will remember me..
eventhough it might not be true..
just the though of it is enough to make me happy..

someone that will always talk to me..
someone that always reply me..
someone that doesn't push me away..
someone that won't leave me..
someone that i can rely on..

i might not show it..
but i'm very happy whenever u ask me to buy u things..
i never buy it..
because i want u to keep asking..

2 years past so fast..
i wish i could go back and live it again..

so thank you..
for being there..
to annoy me..
i hope u won't change..
i already miss you alot..
dun make me miss u more..
for u..

Gifts & Presents

Friday, March 19, 2010
i enjoy getting gifts that people put their heart in it..

i like it if a person gave me....
  • a picture of me and him/her instead of an empty frame
  • a birthday card instead of a meaningless present
  • a suprise instead of something expected
  • a day out with them instead of a day out with myself
  • something that can remind me of them
  • something meaningful
  • something i will love
  • a memorable present
something with effort..

the guy in the blue shirt..

Thursday, March 18, 2010
what can i say..
i honestly hate you..
i have no right to do so..
but seeing your arms around her..
i can't help but to hold my fist tightly..

YA! its called jealousy..
its something that can destroy your life..
it can make u imagine things that might never happen..
imagining u going beyond just holding each other..
since u have no boundaries..
u can do anything..

baby you, hurting my heart,
baby you, breaking my heart..

seeing that i'm just a friend..
i can't do anything but to wish u all the best with him..
i hope u'll be okay with him..

i wished u would've said no..


Monday, February 15, 2010
look at me,
Look at me straight in the eyes.
Look, you are already look at elsewhere.
Check it
you only keep looking at the clock.
You don't have to tell me. I know you got someone else.

You've been meeting someone else often lately.
You don't even call me first anymore.
you barely even talk to me anymore.
When you are with me, you would only look at the sky even if a day is a second long.
Oh~ I know your mind. The distance between you and I.
Getting farther and wide

If you had just told me honestly
that you got someone else. That you hate me.
Then I wouldn't have hated you to death.
Remembering your words,
they are all silly lies.

times like this,
imaginary friends becomes my best friend,
its pathetic,
when u left me, and only memories was left..
those ppl in my head that never exist..
seems to be more real every second that pass..

i did everything,
i love you..
i gave u three years of memories..
hoping that the least u can remember is a second of our time together..
i haven't heard of u for so long..
ur voice seems to be a drug that i've been longing for..

eventhough there are a million people around me..
i just need u..
eventhough there are a million me around you..
u might still not remember..

i can't handle the pain,
i dun have enough imagination to replace you..
my tears has almost dried up..
i just can't do it..
u made me feel like i made mistake..
a mistake by choosing u..
a mistake by loving you..

i can't believe i was forgotten..
3 years of memories turned to ash..
but ur a scar in my heart..
u can't fade away..

u guys..

Friday, February 12, 2010
eventhough its only been 10days..
to me it felt like a year..
my new school is cool..
new friends..
new identity..
i can start everything all over again..
but of course, no matter wat..
BBS will always be the best..
i'll never forget my time there..

ELAINE: everynight i sleep with that Mario le..
JOEY: i think of u always..
CHIW HUI: i miss u the most..
YU SHAN: i wish u could talk to me more..
PIK KOON: please dun change..
KOH CHIAH: take care..
WINNIE: miss u a lot girl girl..

i'm doing fine here..
i'm just afraid u guys will forget me..

so make me happy, and remember me always..