the one that always forgets but never forgets..

Saturday, March 27, 2010
no matter wat..
u'll never forget me..

remember the first time?
we were so shy that we didn't even talk to each other..
but at night..
we'll chat on the computer non-stop..
a few days later..
our friendship debut..

i'm always happy to see you..
whenever u fight with ur boyfriend..
i'll always help u with it..
no matter wat..
i'll always be by your side..

whenever u ask me out..
i'll always say yes..
but the problem is..
u always forget to..
but nvm..
i always find a way to see you..

being far away from u..
its really hard..
no one to talk to..
no one to tell my secrets to..
sometime i regret changing skul..
but still..
knowing that u miss me to..
makes me feel better..

you are my best friend..
that will never change..
i love you..

for you..


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